General Foot Care & Nail Surgery

From Our Centre In Worksop

General Footcare available here at Pond Podiatry

It is very important that you make sure that your feet are in good health. A lot of people forget how important it actually is to look after your feet and the problems that can be caused if some sort of general upkeep is not undertaken. With the professional help of Pond Podiatry you can be rest assured that your feet will be getting a general check up and that your feet are in good health, another benefit is that if there are any problems developing that they can be caught and treated early to avoid any bigger problems occurring in the future.

Pond Podiatry offer a toenail cutting service. Having a professional cut your toenails helps make sure that you wont experience any problems that can be caused by not cutting your toenails properly, for example an ingrown toenail can be due to the toenail being cut incorrectly which then causes the growing nail to cut into the skin and can become infected and require nail surgery.

Here at Pond Podiatry we can also offer hard skin removal. Hard skin can make your foot feel rough and look unattractive. With the use of either a scalpel or file we can gently and painlessly remove your hard skin to give your feet a softer more attractive look and feel.

Nail Surgery

If an ingrown or damaged nail does not respond to conservative treatment we can offer removal of all or part of the nail under local anaesthetic. Usually a caustic substance (phenol) is applied to prevent regrowth. This is not as nasty as is sounds - if anything the phenol usually acts as an analgesic and removing the nail itself is painless once the anaesthetic has taken effect.