Ingrown Toenail Surgery

From Our Centre In Worksop

ingrown toenail treatment available here at Pond Podiatry

An ingrown toenail can be very painful and can become a problem area for infection and bleeding, here at Pond Podiatry we can perform ingrown toenail surgery to remove part or all of the toenail.

Partial nail avulsion is where part of the nail is removed, this is the most common type of procedure whereas Total nail avulsion is where the whole of the toenail is removed.

Partial Nail Avulsion is the most common type of surgical procedure for an ingrown toenail, it entails removing part of the nail so that it is less likely to dig in to the skin again, this procedure is around 98% effective.

  1. The procedure starts by injecting local anaesthetic into the base of the toe so that the whole toe becomes numb so that you are unable to feel anything.
  2. 2. The podiatrist will then cut away the edge or edges of your toenail, so that the nail is narrower, a straight edge is created so that it is more unlikely to dig into the skin surrounding the nail.
  3. 3. Once the edges of the nail have been completely removed, the podiatrist will then apply a chemical named Phenol to the affected area, this is to make sure that the toenail is unable to grow back and to ensure that another ingrown toenail is unable to develop.

Total Nail Avulsion is where the whole toenail has to be removed so that the chances of developing another ingrown toenail are dramatically reduced, this procedure is usually recommended to a patient if the nail has thickened and has started to press into the skin that surrounds the toe, this procedure is carried under local anaesthetic.

Once you have had the surgery you will need to make sure that you keep your toe sterile following the procedure. Your toe will have been dressed in a sterile bandage that will make sure that any infection is unable to get in to the toe and it will also help to stem any bleeding that may occur.

Two to four days after the procedure has taken place, you will need to return and we will remove the original dressing and apply a clean one. Advise will be given on how to look after the toe and it will be monitored until full healing has occurred.