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Here at Pond Podiatry Ruth and Neal Pond have, between us, over 40 years of experience in podiatry. Our family run practice in Worksop maintains a friendly but professional atmosphere and we work hard to make sure that our patients are receiving the best foot care or treatment possible.

People very often neglect their feet and don’t carry out routine foot care. At Pond Podiatry & Chiropody we are dedicated to making sure our patients have the best care possible, whether this is simple toenail cutting or more advanced treatments such as nail surgery under local anaesthetic or the provision of custom orthotics. We treat people of all ages, from children through to centenarians, with a strong commitment to their well-being.

Looking after your feet properly can be very important, especially for those with diabetes, but also to help keep problems such as athletes foot and ingrown toenails at bay, therefore book an appointment at Pond Podiatry so you can be sure that the proper level of foot care is being applied to your feet and for more information on how to maintain healthy feet. Both Ruth and Neal are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, so you can be sure that the treatment you receive will have been carried out professionally to a high standard which will be done in the correct manner in which to solve the problem.

At Pond Podiatry in Worksop we have appointments available through the week, including a late evening, and Saturday mornings. We have free car parking for patients, which has disabled access and under cover parking for motorised scooters and bikes etc.

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