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orthopedic treatment available here at Pond Podiatry

Orthotics are used for problems such as flat feet to help give the natural shape of the foot arch back and to relieve any pain that can be caused. It can also help reduce pains in other areas such as knees, hips and lower back as orthotics can help make the functions of the muscles, tendons and bones work to their full potential without having any strain that can be caused by flat feet.

Orthotics work best when they have been specially fitted by a podiatrist rather than just being shop bought as a podiatrist can make an orthotic that is shaped specifically to your foot.

Having flat feet can knock your body off balance and can affect your posture. It can put strain on your ligaments and muscles which can cause pain when you walk. You could experience pain in areas such as the inside of your ankle, knee, hip or back, the outer side of your foot, your calves and the arch of your foot, pain in any of these areas could be a sign that you need orthotics.

Having flat feet can cause your weight to be unevenly distributed and can cause your shoes to wear out quicker that normal, this can be caused because the foot over-pronates. Over-pronation can cause damage to your ankle and also the Achilles tendon.

Orthotics can be used in the early treatment of bunions. A bunion is where the joint at the base of the big toe has become deformed and a bony lump on the side of your foot has appeared, this can be painful and can cause a lot of discomfort due the pressure put on it from shoes. It is crucial that when treating a bunion that the orthotics fit properly so as not to cause any more damage.

Here at Ponds Podiatry we can prescribe and fit Orthotics to help ease your discomfort and try and bring the natural shape back to your foot.