Corns & Calluses

From Our Centre In Worksop

Corns and Calluses treatment available here at Pond Podiatry


Corns can occur anywhere on the foot but are most commonly found the tops and sides of your toes or on the sole of your foot. They are a common side effect of wearing badly fitting shoes or spending a lot of time stood up.


Callus means an area of skin that is hard and rough and can often be yellowish in colour. They most often appear on the heel or the ball of your foot. Callused skin is thick therefore it wont be as sensitive as the other areas of skin on your foot. Calluses are caused because the skin rubs against something. This can be things such bone, shoes or the ground, other reasons can be badly fitted shoes and lots of running or walking. Calluses are particularly common in women who regularly wear high heels.

The treatment of corns and calluses is done by sourcing and removing the cause of the issue and then getting rid of the hard and thickened skin.

Here at Pond Podiatry we can provide treatment for corns and calluses. This is usually done by cutting away some or the hard skin so that the pressure that is on the tissue underneath is relieved. Do not be tempted to cut away the skin yourself, this needs to be done by a trained professional otherwise you risk the area becoming more painful and infected. This can be even more of a risk for a diabetic. We will also file down the hard skin to make your feet nice and smooth again and get rid of any hard skin.